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“If you want to have connection with the Iranian Aluminium industry we can be of help to you.

Alinclub is an organization Specified on Aluminium and what ever is related to this light metal


Considering the membership of more than 3000 delegates from the aluminium industry, we represent the Industry and all its sub industries in Iran. Our Club consists of two main parts: Media and Conference Exhibition.


The media branch includes a weekly, quarterly & a Door and Window magazine. We also manage the alinclub site www.alinclub.com which holds the latest news on aluminium and is the only link to Irans vast aluminium industry.


We are also the organizer of Iran International Aluminium Conference and Exhibition 2009 (IIAC 2009) and (IIAC2012) and as you may have already been informed, an upcoming event (IIAC 2014) which is destined to take place in Tehran on 25-26 May 2014.


Our experience in the aluminium industry over the past decade has led us to be one of the greatest organizations in the field of aluminium.”